Tournament Schedule

March 28, 2014

Schedules for the tournament are here and published!

Click this link:

Click your division, followed by team name.

(3/4=minors; 5/6=juniors; 7/8/9=seniors)

The first of your games will be listed on the team page.  The flow of the schedule can be seen on the division page.  

As the tournament progresses--scores wil be updated live.  You will refresh this link to see your next game time, and location. Volunteers and scorekeepers will be available at the event to help you "find" your next game.  

The important thing to follow is the game number!

In the minors, game #'s start with 101, so when the schedule references winner or loser of game #1, that is game #101.  

Juniors start with 201, so winner/loser of 1 is game 201.

Any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Regal Runners Cancelled 3-27-14

March 27, 2014

Runners practice for today is cancelled due to the weather.


March 27, 2014

The FINAL tournament rules are here.  Please review with your team prior to this Saturday.  Referees will be on hand prior to the start of games to address any questions you have relating to the rules.

Schedule to come later today!

Tournament Info Update

March 24, 2014

The practice schedule for the tournament is here.   All sessions are at Cherry Hill School.  Enter through the side door.

The schedule for the tournament will be posted by midnight on Wednesday--It will NOT be emailed to you, you need to check the website to see your schedule.  All teams should plan to arrive at RDHS between 12:30-12:45 pm on Saturday.  Games will start around 1:20ish.  4 courts will be running at one time, and there will be volunteers available to direct you to your court.  The shirt you wear is up to your team--design one, or wear your REGAL jersey...

2014 Regal Runners Schedule

March 12, 2014

The 2014 Regal Runners Schedule can be downloaded HERE!

Please note:

*We practice rain or shine, unless it is a steady downpour or unsafe conditions. The race goes on no matter what the weather. Please check the REGAL website for field status updates.

*Girls should bring a water bottle with their name on it to every activity.

*T-shirt designs are due Sunday, 3/16.  Designs should be in black and white only, and a copy of the flyer is available here.

*Race registration forms will be available beginning Saturday, 3/15 at every practice and are due back no later than 4/12.  WE REGISTER AS A GROUP SO PLEASE COMPLETE YOUR CHECK AND FORM AND RETURN TO COACH COOKSON OR COACH GORIA. The Rec Department does an awesome job of pre-stuffing our race bags so we don't have to check in the day of the race.

If you cannot make a practice or activity don't stress about it...just commit to doing something active that day.